We spent the afternoon and evening of our arrival fishing near a small waterfall that could probably be considered more rapids than falls, but given the choice, I wouldn't take a canoe over it. Above the falls about one-half to three-quarters of a mile was a lake. The outfitter told us he kept a boat on the lake, but there was no motor on the boat.

We talked about making a trip to the small lake, but since we had plenty of exploring to do on Otatakan, we didn't make any plans. Yet.

The fishing under the waterfall had been fun and we caught plenty of fish there the day we arrived. It was only a taste of what was to come.

Picture of rapids on a river.

After we arrived at the lake and the pilot was gone, we hauled our gear from the dock up to the cabin. None of us were expecting much, but it was better than we expected. There were six or eight single bunk beds in a back room. In the main room there was a picnic table, a few chairs, a wood stove heater, an LP gas refrigerator, an LP gas stove and a counter with some shelves. There wasn't much else except graffiti and the walls and ceiling were covered in it.

I think my favorite, and I looked at it all week, was "This ain't no place for a honeymoon." Right. There were other things

Picture of a Dehavilland Beaver Float Plane.

The drive from north central Wisconsin took most of the night and we arrived in Sioux Lookout, Ontario about ten in the morning. My dad had been to Sioux Lookout when he was about nineteen with some very close friends of his. We went to see the lake and the campsite where they spent a week, then it was on to the outfitter.

The outfitter had been very specific. Seventy-five pounds of gear per person including booze, beer, wine or whatever else you wanted to bring. The plane had to be loaded very carefully and could

not be overloaded. We hauled all our gear down to the dock and piled it up on the end. It wasn't long and plane arrived carrying the first load adventurers back from their vacation on a different remote lake. After filling up the gas tanks, the pilot began to load the plane with our gear.

Picture of a Lake in Ontario.

It started in Milwaukee at the annual Sports Show. The Sports Show is an outdoor extravaganza of shows, displays by various manufacturers promoting everything from fishing rods to the latest electronic gizmo guaranteed to triple your outdoor fun and of course, outfitters for trips around the world.

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